Del Neri: «In Genova a difficult atmosphere»

Posted on 20/11/2010


«If there is a minimum risk, he won’t play, he’ll stay on the bench». The matter of the conversation is Milos Krasic, who Del Neri wants to completely recover before make him play. The trainer speaks about this with the journalists on the eve of the challenge vs. Genoa «I want Milos to feel physically perfect for matches to come. In the previous matches the team proved they can do well also without him, so if he’s going to feel fine he’ll play, otherwise he’ll stay out».

Who won’t surely play is Amauri. The 40-50 days stop of the forward makes the press speak of a Juve newly on the market: «From now to January there is still one month and a half to go, and we have to think about things different from the market – Del Neri explains – The only problem is that Quagliarella cannot play in Europa League, but apart from this, our three forwards give wide guarantees».

The challenge vs. Genoa is particularly complicated, not only for Rossoblu’s qualities, but also for the atmosphere Juve is going to find at Marassi Stadium: «The atmosphere is very… intense and we must be prepared for an important challenge, on a complicated pitch, for the effect supporters have on Genoa and for the boost they will be able to give to the team. We’ll have to be ready to face a soccer battle, also because we’ll find a team being enthused about their last results and who approached targets which, two weeks ago, were farer. Juventus will have to face Genoa starting from his identity. I don’t know if they’ll play with the playmaker and the two forwards, like Ballardini likes, or if they will go on with the same line they followed with Gasperini, but we cannot adapt to our opponents and I believe Genoa will do the same».

The challenge will take place at 12.30, an unusual and complicated time: «The first problem will be the sleep, considering that at 2.30 p.m. they usually have a nap. To be serious, I hope that tomorrow my boys will be perfectly awake. Everything will be anticipated: watching video materials, wake-up time, lunch time. This week we tried the new timetable and it helped us, it’s not easy having six meals before what is usually done».

At Luigi Ferraris Stadium Juve is hunting for three points. The bianconeri, on away matches, always behaved well, even if they not always collected a full booty: «Playing away is complicated anyway, but we always played a good soccer, always going ahead first, except in Bari. We could gain two more points more, but this won’t change our immediate target which is staying very close to the top, to then play it all at the right time».


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