Ballardini: «Juve is built up to be main character»

Posted on 20/11/2010


«Juventus is a team built up to be main character, I don’t know if they’ll succeed, but they bought important players and compared to last year they are a much more compact group.

They lost only two matches so far, achieving good results vs. Milan in San Siro and in Manchester, among other things. It’s a team able to win with anyone».

Davide Ballardini underlines the difficulties Genoa could meet on next Sunday match. Juve proved to be a solid team in spite of injuries and moreover also among the Rossoblu absences are many: «I need a lot of fantasy to compose the line-up. There are only a few alternatives.

We address to the last two matches group of players. Toni? For us he is an essential player. He is the man Genoa cannot do without, for his way of playing. He is really an all-round player».


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