Aquilani: "In Genoa to win ‘

Posted on 19/11/2010


Before Rome. Then the national team. And now Genoa.Alberto Aquilani for the week is coming at the end can not be defined as all the others. So many emotions, but also the desire to continue to give satisfaction to the Juventus fans.Fans that the midfielder has made happy by acting at Filo Diretto, on Juventus Channel.
“It’s certainly been a busy week – confirming Alberto – especially on an emotional level. First there was the game against Roma, which was delicate for me. Immediately after the call in blue in a long time. A call that has filled me with satisfaction. “
Now the third act In Ferraris, Juventus will be looking for a prestigious victory. Beyond the difficulty of finding a competitive team, there is the unusual time of 12.30. Continue Aquilani. “It will certainly be an important commitment on a very tough field. But we’re going to Genoa to win. The time? It is not normal, because we are used to take the field after 15, but I think once in the field will not change anything compared to other games. “
Juventus in for a good run, the match against Genoa is another important step. And among the protagonists of this strip there is also a midfielder Roman. “I’m fine – concludes Aquilani – I’m playing a lot and this helped me to grow condition. Are not yet at the most, I know I can give even more. The team is built to win, but is still new and there is time. The bases are certainly good. We are doing well, but we must not be complacent. The rivals for the championship fight?Milan, Inter and Roma in that order. They say that Rome is in crisis but remains a dangerous team. Lazio and Napoli may remain in the running for the Champions League, but I think other teams are better equipped. “
Alberto then speaks of his arrival at Juventus: “I wanted to get back into the game. He had been a difficult year because I changed the city lifestyle. I asked Hodgson the chance to return to Italy and told me about this loan. Of course, the Juve midfield already important players, so I asked if he should go to a smaller team. But I did not want to get level and then at Juve could not say no. “
In the end, the transmission is going through a particularly fun: the staging goes a phone call from Simon Vinovo, which begins to criticize the clothing of Aquilani. Alberto is surprised at the time, then he understands the catch: the phone is Simone Pepe, who has not missed an opportunity to make a joke mate. “It is an important element of the group – says, smiling Aquilani – and it is equally important in terms of quality and quantity that can give the team.”
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