What a party on the stands!

Posted on 18/11/2010


Very crowded stands at Juventus Center in Vinovo where the team had one of the training sessions for the approaching match vs. Genoa.

On the stands there was, in addition to Member’s and Club Doc’s guests, also a wide number of young boys invited by Juventus Soccer Schools for whom this special day has been organized. In fact the “fedelissimi” of Juventus Summer Camps have been awarded, that is those young boys who took part to the camps for three consecutive years from 2008 till today. Coming from all over Italy and abroad, the young players had the chance to follow the team’s training session and meet some of the players. The initiative will be repeated, with a second group of “fedelissimi”, next week.
But not only the young boys were coming from all over Italy. Also the Club Doc’s  members came from quite far away. They were about forty people and, besides the “closest” ones, like Juventusiasmo, Torino Doc and Borgo San Donato, the initiative was happily joined also by some representatives of Juventus Club Doc from Negrisia (Treviso), Treia (Macerata), Siderno and Massa Carrara.
Source: Juventus.com
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