Neymar: "I like Juve. They have a great prestige on an international"

Posted on 17/11/2010


In a long interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, and reported by the star of the Santos and the Brazilian national team, Neymar (18), talks about his future and a nod to the old lady, who would be courting for some time “My future? There are five big clubs interested in my label – reveals the verdeoro striker -. The proposal that I like best is? Juve. They have a great prestige on an international. I say it without any problem. I would be prepared to wear the black and white shirt. Do you know any of the samples Juve? Buffon. One of the strongest goalkeepers in the world. And ‘injured? It does not matter. As a striker you say that he is very good. “

Neymar, however, admits that Juventus is not the only club interested in him: “Other clubs that I woo? Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Inter.”

Inter club has played in one of his idols, yet the new Brazilian phenomenon is clearly stated a preference for Juve. Words that sound like music to the white fans: “Inter have won all last season and is it the team where he played the Juggernaut. Ronaldo is one of my myths. Inter prestige. But no one is offended , Juve I like best. “

Neymar wants to leave land in Europe as early as January, “Away from Santos in January already? The directors of my club have responded to all that” Neymar is not for sale. “But I do not think the same way. This can be the right time
groped for the European adventure. “

Santos has armored his gem with a clause of 35 million. Ancelotti Ferguson and many have already gone to the assault – he wrote the Gazzetta dello Sport – but did not break the heart of the boy. Juve unvantaggio part with non-negligible.