Hard work in Vinovo

Posted on 17/11/2010


The rain that fell in the past days left place to sunshine and so Juventus had the chance to work with an ideal weather on Vinovo pitches. An intense training session, at the presence of President Agnelli, Marotta, Nedved and Paratici.

The group, still without Aquilani, Bonucci and Quagliarella engaged with the National Team, had first a warm up playing handball, then playing a mini-match with no goalkeepers on reduced pitch. The second part of the session was dedicated to tactics, with Del Neri working with defenders, and Francesco Conti with midfielders and forwards. The groups then kept on trying movements, facing at midfield, before playing the nine vs. nine mini-match. 

Wearing green vests Storari, Motta, Sorensen, Traore, Salihamidzic, Sissoko, Lanzafame, Amauri and Libertazzi, while the team with white vests was composed by Costantino, Camilleri, D’Angelo, Chiellini, Pepe, Felipe Melo, Belcastro, Del Piero and Iaquinta. The family challenge has been quite tough and won by the “reds” with the score of 7-6, achieved thanks to double scores by Sissoko and Lanzafame and to the hat trick by Salihamidzic. More varied the whites’ score sheet, with goals by Del Piero, Belcastro, Ciellini, Melo, Pepe and Iaquinta. 

Once the mini-match ended, before going back to changing rooms, the group was engaged in an athletic work-out coordinated by the athletic trainer Roberto De Bellis. 

Grosso and Marchisio trained a part from the group, while Krasic went on with his recovering program, followed by Luca Alimonta.

Source: Juventus.com
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