Calciopoli Watch: ‘Referees Never Had An Association With Juventus Or Luciano Moggi’ Court Is Told

Posted on 16/11/2010


The Calciopoli trial in Naples resumed on Tuesday, but the hearing was extremely brief…

The Calciopoli 2 trial at the tribunal of Naples resumed, albeit for a short hearing after a number of witnesses failed to show up having been called to supply evidence.

The court did however hear referee Paolo Bertini, who insisted he never favoured or disadvantaged teams during his career as a ref.

He admits making mistakes, but they were not conditioned by orders or other individuals, but were genuinely erroneous.

“I was never part of an association of criminal conspiracy and I was stunned to be associated with something like this,” Bertini told the court.

“I could have been associated to a non-association. Every game teams were discontented, moaning. There was never any association with Luciano Moggi or Juventus, as with any other team.

“Many teams were annoyed with my refereeing, but it’s normal to make mistakes. Sometimes referees make mistakes, sometimes they don’t. Either way I was always criticised.

“Of course, you cannot compare a referee’s decision with an electronic system made up of 30 cameras.

“As a referee you think about doing well and you always try hard to be impartial so you don’t favour any team.

“There were times where decisions went against Juventus and in favour of other teams competing with them.

“During the 2004-05 season, Juve’s points average in games I was in charge with them was less than with other referees here.”

Judge Teresa Casoria then terminated the hearing as witnesses including the Telecom head of security Giuliano Tavaroli, who was called in to supply evidence from the spying case on Moggi, informed the court he would not respond to the call.

Casoria then reminded the court that the defence phonecall wiretaps have a November 23 deadline to be deposited with the Tribunal.

Moggi’s legal team are expected to supply CDs containing around 300 wiretaps next week.

The Judge also told the court she expects to reach a verdict soon and next week will be the final hearing where defence witnesses have a chance to speak.

The court was told: “This process must finish soon. I have no time to waste. The last statements will be heard on the 23rd, and then we will hear the accused.”

The trial continues.

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