Del Piero: «A balanced Championship»

Posted on 15/11/2010


«The one vs. Roma has been a great intensity match, tough, struggled».  Alessandro del Piero, from his web site pages –, goes back to the challenge vs. the giallorossi, a match that Juve deserved to win. But the regret for the faded success is mitigated by the awareness that the Championship is still very open: «On balance, we had the best occasions – the captain goes on – but we must admit our opponents gave a good performance. A balanced match, like the Championship, which keeps on showing a classification with many teams gathered in few points: everything is still possible. Saturday draw comes at the end of a very long period for matches one after the other, with no stop. Now we can rest for a day, and most of all work thinking about only one match a week, for the next fifteen days, excluding the National Team» …Finally a thought for the next match, that Alex defines «Sunday picnic match (regarding time, I mean…) at Marassi vs. Genoa who comes from two victories in a row. Not an easy match». 


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