Faulty Juve logic

Posted on 14/11/2010


Juventus and Palermo both agree an incident was identical, but it’s either a penalty or it isn’t, points out Susy Campanale

At times, I do wonder at the grasp of logic that some people in Italian football have. Over the last three days there were two very similar incidents in which a player jumped up in the defensive wall and – purposefully or not – charged down a free kick with an outstretched arm. Milan’s Kevin Prince Boateng was not penalised against Palermo, Simone Pepe of Juventus was in their 1-1 draw with Roma.

Here’s where we run into problems. Rosanero President Maurizio Zamparini was so furious at this snubbed spot-kick that he announced for the 254th time the sale of the club with his walk away from the “disgusting, filthy” football world. He also demanded that the referee of that match be suspended as punishment for what was an obvious mistake.

Juventus director general Beppe Marotta used that Palermo decision to claim that Pepe should not have been penalised with a penalty for his handling offence. “There needs to be more respect and uniformity in the decisions,” he moaned.

By that logic, does that mean once a mistake has been made in favour of a Scudetto contender, then for the rest of the season that has to be used as a yard-stick for future decisions? It seems to be exactly what Marotta is proposing. Refereeing is not an exact science, there are going to be errors and not necessarily ones fuelled by Calciopoli conspiracies. To think otherwise is a foolish utopia.

Also, it is about time Marotta and Juventus stop using the Milos Krasic two-match ban for simulation as a reason to say they are held back by the authorities. The Serb fully deserved the suspension, he cheated and in the game situation got away with a penalty. Their refusal to acknowledge this fact is just becoming embarrassing as time goes on. Whatever happened to the ‘Stile Juve’?

Source: Football-Italia

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