Marotta: «Many dubious episodes. We demand equal judgement»

Posted on 13/11/2010


«We are disappointed because after a more then positive performance, notwithstanding the many injuries, there are many doubts with regards to certain situations». Giuseppe Marotta is visibly displeased at the end of the match against Roma. The draw does not satisfy the bianconeri seeing how hard they worked on the field and because of certain episodes which conditioned the match such as the penalty awarded the giallorossi: «It was the exact situation like in Milan-Palermo last Wednesday with Boateng who jumped on a free-kick by Miccoli but on that occasion a penalty wasn’t given. We ask for equal judgement because on the field we are obtaining much more then is shown in the table».

With regards to the penalty incident, Marotta insisted that «rule number 18 is that of common sense. I saw the replay dozens of times: Pepe jumped with his back to the ball and the free-kick taken by Totti is spowerful and close. It is enough to know the laws of bio-dynamics to understand that if a player jumps, turning, his arms move automatically. That penalty conditioned the players very much. Even in half-time they spoke about it and I think that if it hadn’t been conceded we would have won the match. If it a compensation for the penalty not given to Mexes? If this were the case it would be even worse».

Apart from the penalty, there are other reasons for regrets: «At the end of the match we were deprived on a free-kick in our favour by Chiellini, one of our best heading players because he had a bandage which was covered in blood…The performance of the referee was greatly unsatisfactory». 

There was also a last episode which left the bianconeri perplexed: Borriello who kicked Chiellini with the ball far away: «I prefer not to comment because it has to do with Roma. I ask for equal judgment even on a TV level».
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