Del Neri: ‘Juve had best chances’

Posted on 13/11/2010


Juventus Coach Gigi Del Neri explained why he doesn’t necessarily want possession. “If we maintain this spirit, we can go far this season.”

The 1-1 draw in Turin saw Roma take the initiative for large periods of the game, but it seems that was by design.

“There will be debate on this match, as some will say Roma deserved to win, while I say my side has real character and Juventus absolutely deserved the victory.

“Keeping the ball means nothing in football, as you have to finish it off with goals. It is not a boxing match to be decided on points. We had five or six chances and allowed Roma very few opportunities.”

Del Neri surprised by leaving Alessandro Del Piero on the bench, but his replacement Vincenzo Iaquinta scored the goal.

“He did very well and used up a lot of energy. We did everything we could to bring home the three points and were on a par with Roma, so I am very happy with my lads.

“If we maintain this spirit, we can go far this season in Serie A.”

With Marco Motta suspended, the Coach again kept faith with 18-year-old defender Frederik Sorensen.

“He is a very level-headed almost cold young man, who pays attention and works hard. He also has great confidence. These are his first approaches to top level football, but it seems to me he has the right characteristics for an important future.”

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