Pepe: «Versus Roma a chance to fling ourselves again»

Posted on 12/11/2010


«The one with Roma will be a very difficult match, but we are ready at 100%, also because we are aware this is an important occasion for us to fling ourselves again, after the draw in Brescia and climb the classification. Wednesday match left us with a bitter taste, because even though we did not play so well we could have won». 
Simone Pepe, protagonist at Filo Diretto on Juventus Channel, shows all his determination for the challenge vs. Roma, a special match for him who grew up in giallorosso. «Roma is having a positive sequence, but they have weak spots too, like Milan, Inter and all other teams. It will be up to us to find them and capitalize on them at best».
Saturday match will be important also concerning classification, but this aspect, for now, is more interesting to the team’s supporters: «They can dream – Simone underlines – we must stay on the ground instead and think about one match at a time. Of course this will be an important match of the Championship, considering that it’s about the classification’s first six teams. I hope everything is going to be good to us».
He’s asked how he feels playing as a quarterback, a role that, considering the many absences Simone had to cover vs. Milan and Salzburg: «If it’s necessary, I would not have any problem. A definitive transformation? If the trainer is going to ask me I would have to think about it, but there would not be problems anyway. Goodwill can do anything». 
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