Why all teams need a bandiera

Posted on 11/11/2010


Football is a game of passion and should be played by men of passion in front of passionate supporters. Journeymen going from club to club in search of ever eluding succes and glory do posses a certain charm, those who do it for the money however do not. The most charming footballer of all though is by far the bandeira, the club symbol, the player who is a loyal champion of his beloved club. Every club should have one.

Del Piero, Totti, Maldini, Zanetti,  Gerrard, Giggs, Terry, etc. These people, and not the enormous amounts of money spend on their teammates, make it interesting to watch their teams. These men bleed, breeth, and sweat the colours of their club just as their supporters do. I don’t particually like teams like Man. Utd. or Liverpool, but I’m full of respect for those players who have the heart, and the quality one should add, to become club legends.

I know that it’s a tad more alluring to become a club legend in Real Madrid and win everything than to stay in a team like, let’s say Lecce, and be the captain of an elevator team year after year. So the big clubs have an easier time to make club legends, but I still find that they are underrated.

The club legends are part of the romance of football. A romance that is fundamental to my understanding of the game. Some players have earned my deepest respect for staying at their club despite a lack of titles, Francesco Totti comes to mind and Daniele de Rossi seem to follow him. The best transfer choice of the season was when Antinio di Natale opted for staying in Udinese to become a legend and a hero. Christiano Lucarelli should have done the same at Livorno. At the age of 34 he could have given his last good couple of years to Livorno, a club he apparently love, but he failed to do so and chose a role as substitute in Napoli.

The fans are fans for life, at least the real fans are. They don’t hang around in bars looking for other girls, when the girl they chose as kids has a bad hair day, or year. They stick around of love and affection and they deserve that some players do the same. They deserve that some players share their pain and their joy. They deserve players who play with their heart. The local boys should have have local boys to cheer on.

Does honor and club loyalty have roles at all in the modern game some might ask. The answer is yes, the love of the shirt, the supporters, the colors, and the flags are what makes football interesting when it comes down to it. Fantastic strikes and sexy touches are like drugs, the real passion will be found in the blood and the banners – the bandieras.

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