Lega vote raises new strike threat

Posted on 09/11/2010


The Players’ Association has threatened a Serie A strike after unanimously rejecting the FIGC’s proposal of a commissioner.

A strike had already been announced and called off in order to leave time for more negotiations over the collective bargaining contract, but they have hit problems again.

The FIGC proposed President Giancarlo Abete as a commissioner to take the two parties through the process, but a vote of the Lega Serie A unanimously rejected this option.

“We must face all the problems to construct an innovative and balanced agreement that is sustainable in the professional football world,” said Lega President Maurizio Beretta.

“We believe there is the time and space to reach a deal and there is at the moment no need for a commissioner.”

The unanimous vote of Serie A clubs has angered the Players’ Association (AIC), who revived the threat of a strike.

“We have already seen the mandate of 20 clubs out of 20, so we will evaluate protest action and the eventual suspension of Serie A for one round,” said AIC secretary Gianni Grazioli.

“We thought the Lega would’ve accepted this proposal.”

It’s reported the potential rounds for strike action would be Week 13 on November 21 and Week 14 on November 28.

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