Del Neri: «Brescia, an important match»

Posted on 09/11/2010


On Championship’s midweek turn, valid for Serie A tenth match, the bianconeri will be going to Brescia (Wednesday 10 November at 8.45 p.m.), an absolutely respectable opponent, coming from a draw with Inter in Milano. Conversely, on Saturday evening, Juventus will host Roma. When the journalists ask Gigi Del Neri if he will be taking account of both matches in choosing ranks, the bianconero trainer answers: «Absolutely not, tomorrow match is as much as important as the one vs. Roma, maybe more, it’s an important step on our path». 

They speak also of the rank («Chiellini, let’s see how he feels, Amauri and Traoré won’t be there, we hope we’ll recover them for next Saturday, Del Piero is playing, Bonucci will be on the pitch with a bandage on his hand following to a home accident»), and of single elements, from Del Piero, that today is celebrating his birthday, to Quagliarella, from Amauri to Grosso and Salihamidzic. «Del Piero is an important reference point. On his birthday I wish him to keep this energy and this enthusiasm, that make him play at very high levels. Amauri, I’m going to use him when he will feel physically at best, because he played also when he didn’t, he sacrificed a lot and he met many criticisms, I do not want to pillory the players anymore. Quagliarella found the right ambience for his characteristics, as soon as he found his best physical condition, and we saw his greatly eccentric technical skills. Grosso and Salihamidzic are very motivated. Grosso, Sunday, made a respectable performance and Salihamidzic, when he went on the pitch, showed verve and emotional intensity to lend us a hand». 

Lastly, he is asked how he feels when he hears speaking of Juve in a certain way and being in the top positions: «I did not look at classifications when we started, I’m not looking at it now. We must be balanced in all we do. Nothing has changed in our behavior, we still have to improve. Sunday, for example, we suffered on the pitch, but we were able to bring home important points»
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