Bettega held talks for Bale

Posted on 08/11/2010


Juventus’ former director Roberto Bettega claims he held talks with Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp about the prospect of signing Gareth Bale. 

Bettega shared the responsibility of signing new players together with Alessio Secco for the first six months of last year before being ushered out in the summer. 

Interviewed on Controcampo, Bettega said: “Last year I went to London to speak with Redknapp and I asked him about Bale. 

“I knew that Tottenham were interested in some Juve players and the discussion wasn’t closed.

“When I handed over to Marotta and Paratici I explained to them everything about my movements.”

Asked if Juventus had approached Bale again, Bettega said: “I only know that they have signed six wingers, but not Bale. 

“I don’t know if Juve reopened the talks. The discussion wasn’t closed like someone wrote. I relayed everything because what sense is there in keeping it to myself? I worked for Juventus.” 

Source: Football-Italia