Young boys’ Juventus does not win

Posted on 04/11/2010


To find the first victory in Europa League, Luigi Del Neri tried them hall. On the pitch also four boys from the Primavera – Giandonato from 1’, Liviero, Buchel and Giannetti during second half– but with Salzburg it’s 0-0, fourth draw in four matches. 

A result that complicates the path in Europe, most of all considering Lech Poznan victory on Manchester City. To still hope in qualifying, Juventus must absolutely win in Poland on December 1st. But first there is the championship: on Sunday, always in Torino, Cesena is coming.

Del Neri meets the many absences putting in, from the very first minute, Manuel Giandonato. The other seven boys from the Primavera start from the bench. The match starts with Storari in the goal, defense composed by four players Motta, Bonucci, Legrottaglie and Pepe. In midfield Krasic, Sissoko, Giandonato and Marchisio. In the front the couple Del Piero-Amauri.

Everyone at the Olimpico is watching at Giandonato. The boy proves to have personality since the beginning, trying a pair of fearless verticals. The bianconeri starts attacking right away, but to see a real chance we have to wait for 10’: free kick by Del Piero but none is able to give the winning paw. 

A different thing what the captain pulls out of the hat at 16’. A great volley free kick by Tremmel to deviate. The hosts answer with Pokrivac (who just got a yellow card, like Sissoko), but Storari is there.

At 26’ Del Piero scores, but the referee says it’s offside. Three minutes after that Legrottaglie tries by heading: the ball is too high. Del Neri’s team is increasing. From an action between Amauri and Krasic, Del Piero goes again to score but he misses the goal. The first half ends up this way, with 0-0.

Second half. Back on the pitch with the same 22. After a few minutes, Del Neri changes: Giandonato out and Liviero in, left defender born ’93. Pepe goes to halfway line and Marchisio in the middle. Pepe gives life to a counterattack, ended up by a kick by Sissoko saved by Tremmel on the ground. 

At 18’ the other change. Krasic goes out and Buchel goes in. For the Austrian boy it’s a real derby. Started by a run from left side that for just a little has not found Amauri’s heading.

At minute 30 Jantscher tries to score: the ball is on the side for just a little. On the other side again Del Piero tries to conclude but Tremmel is always well placed. Del Neri plays Giannetti card, to substitute Pepe. With all his boys on the pitch, Juventus tries everything till the end, but the Austrian bunker holds. The last try is by Marchisio, but unsuccessful. The match ends 0-0. For the bianconeri it’s the fourth draw in a row, a result that complicates the qualification matter, but does not put an end to hopes of going through. The last two matches in Poznan and at the Olimpico vs. Manchester will be determinant. But first there is the championship: on Sunday another home match, Cesena is arriving. 


JUVENTUS: Storari; Motta, Bonucci, Legrottaglie, Pepe (37’ st Giannetti); Krasic (18’ st Buchel), Sissoko, Giandonato (6’ st Liviero), Marchisio; Del Piero, Amauri. Available: Costantino, Camilleri, Boniperti, Libertazzi. Trainer Del Neri.

SALZBURG: Tremmel; Schwegler, Afolabi, Sekagya, Hinteregger; Schiemer; Zarate, Mendes da Silva (35’ st Augustinussen), Pokrivac (20’ st Leitgeb), Jantscher; Wallner (30’ st Alan). Available: Walke, Dudic, Hierlander, Boghossian. Trainer Stevens.

REFEREE: Stalhammar (Svezia). 

BOOKINGS: 12’ pt Sissoko, 15’ pt Pokrivac, 40’ pt Segakya, 9’ st Marchisio. 29’ st Jantschet

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