Unsung, Unseen But Vital (2): Claudio Filippi

Posted on 04/11/2010


When clubs change coach normal practice sees most of the coaching staff change, & this was no different at Juventus this summer as Gigi Delneri brought his own men in to work alongside him. One of those men was Claudio Filippi, the new Goalkeeping coach, who he first appointed to a similar role when the two men were at Chievo.
Like most of the staff there he followed Delneri to Roma in 2004, but unlike the coach’s right-hand man – & current Juve Assistant Coach – Francesco Conti he did not follow to Porto, Atalanta or Sampdoria. There are a number of reasons for this, but perhaps the most prevalent is that Filippi was a coach in Roma’s youth teams earlier in his career. From there he moved to Siena (where he worked with Alex Manninger) before returning to Verona in 2008.
He remained there until Delneri called him to join his new staff at Juve, bringing his eccentric style but great experience to the club & he Marco Storari immediately struck up a great rapport. Following lengthy discussion the club agreed to not renew the contract of Michelangelo Rampulla which expired at the end of October, a decision Gigi Buffon had major influence over.
His training sesssions usually see Mario Kirev & Marco Costantino from thePrimavera join the first team keepers & all the stoppers seem to enjoy them, but the focus & intensity constantly remains high. Watching them drag out the air-filled training dummies always draws a smile. A new machine has been brought in too to test the players on shots & crosses, although that is hopefully not the end of Filippi’s Antonio Cassano & Giampaolo Pazzini impressions!
His excellent work was recognised last week when he was named the Goalkeeping Coach of the Year by the Associazione Italiana Preparatore dei Portieri(Association of Italian Goalkeeping Coach’s). The award was awarded following the unanimous votes of the members and a committee composed of 10 professionals.
The form of Storari shows this work is continuing in Turin, & Claudio Filippi is certainly vital to this new Juventus under Delneri.

Source: Il Tifosi
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