Four boys from the Primavera on the pitch: the boys’ thrill

Posted on 04/11/2010


Luigi Del Neri was not the only Juventus trainer to live the challenge vs. Salzburg. Among viewers interested in the match there was also Giovanni Bucaro, the trainer of a Primavera which had four boys on the pitch tonight. The date of 4 November 2010 will rightly Manuel Giandonato, Marcel Buchel, Niccolò Giannetti and Matteo Liviero careers, sent to the pitch to hunt the three points. 

For the four boys, a night full of emotions. They showed it also with words. Here are their comments at the end of the match. 

Giandonato: «For me it’s an absolute debut, but to play as first choice player it’s something different. I hoped I could have played, even if I was not sure before this afternoon when the trainer informed me. I lived with tranquility the hours before the match». 

Buchel: «I was very thrilled. For me, an Austrian boy, it was twice as important making my debut tonight. In Salzburg is playing one of my friends with whom I had the chance to speak before the match and I told him there was the chance for me to play. I’m happy I played, it’s a pity for the score, and we hoped we could have won». 

Giannetti: «Making the debut with Juventus jersey is not an everyday occasion. I was determinate, more than thrilled; I went on the pitch convinced in trying to help the team. We tried to win till the end and we deserved more». 

Liviero: «For me, a Juventus supporter since when I was borne, it’s a huge emotion. I can’t wait to speak to my father and to my family, they will be so happy for me. It’s unbelievable thinking that a few months ago I played an Allievi Championship final and now, at 17, I made my debut in Juventus First Team».
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