Del Neri: «A good attitude and concreteness in defense»

Posted on 04/11/2010


«I’m worried for the situation of injured players more than for Europa League. This is a competition made of direct matches, during which anything can happen ». Luigi Del Neri, after the draw vs. Salzburg, does not look at Gruppo A classification, that sees both Manchester City and Lech Poznan with 7 points, but thinks about recovering players for next engagements: «Krasic (out during the second half) is not worrying us, also because he won’t be able to play on Sunday anyway. Concerning Legrottaglie we hope we’ll recover him, otherwise someone else will play». Talking about the match, the trainer says he’s satisfied: «This evening we played a male match and to unblock it there must have been a lucky strike. Anyway we had a very good attitude, not letting anything to Salzburg and playing a concrete match on the rear front. This evening on the pitch there were a boy from year ’93 and three from year ’91 and they did very well. I think that in their places I could have not run for ten meters … Being tired? The players are 36 they recover physical energies. Mental attitude can be more difficult to recover and from this point of view maybe we paid the labors at San Siro. Qualification? We’ll have to beat Lech Poznan and City and we can do it. Everyone was surprised about the three goals scored by Lech, but as we saw City did just the same, so they’ve got something…».

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