Legrottaglie: «We will give something more»

Posted on 03/11/2010


After the very good match at San Siro against Milan, Nicola Legrottaglie is ready to do the same against Salzburg. The Duke waited for his moment to come and when he has been called, he proved to be as reliable as usual: «It’s never easy staying out, but all experiences lead to a maturation. Playing such an important match as the one on last Sunday and feeling so well, shows clearly how I lived this period: the point is that when you stay out and other players play, you have to sacrifice and work even harder, as the right occasion always comes. Past experiences, considering that I’ve already lived this kind of situation, allowed me to prepare carefully, waiting for my moment to come and now I’m happy to give my help».
Nicola’s experience will be particularly useful in such a delicate challenge, in which he could find more space that someone coming from the Primavera: «For Juve there are no friendly matches, worthless or easier, because we will always go on the pitch to win. The ones playing will give something more to help the team and so I have faith and I’m sure we’ll play a great match. To younger players I suggest they should play by their enthusiasm, as I think that when a boy finds himself facing such an important stage he must ride the wave. They’ll have to stay calm, because they will be supported by all Juventus supporters, by the Club and by us “the old ones, who will help them playing a great match. Trains are not always on the right tracks, but when this happens it’s right trying to catch them and I hope some of them will be able to.
Source: Juventus.com