Del Neri: «The many absences? No problem»

Posted on 03/11/2010


Juventus is preparing to face the fourth match of Europa League’s groups stage vs, Salzburg, having to meet the many absences, but Luigi Del Neri is not a man to be discouraged, indeed. The trainer has already had evidence of his players’ character and he is sure, more than ever, that against the Austrians, Juventus will respond to difficulties: «Of course, it would have been better facing the match with the full group, but Juve always found great motivations in emergency moments, and there are times, in a season, when you have to meet the absences. I’m serene, because we achieved good results, that have always been a confidence injection, and we acquired important mindsets, therefore we know we must always give what we can. Moreover, we are balanced, we keep our feet on the ground and we are careful not to get exalted after a victory and not to get depressed after a defeat. This is the attitude we should have all year long».
Considering the many injuries, it’s likely that tomorrow it will be the turn of some boy of the Primavera to play since the first minute: «It’s an unlucky moment, in fact, but it does not come from a wrong athletic training, but by continuous traumas. Tomorrow there will be quite a turnover, even if we’ll try to recover someone experienced. Then, if we won’t be able to do it, younger players will play. They were with us on summer camps and I think they assimilated our dictates. And we won’t be playing with 11 little boys anyway, but with Italian Champions, World Champions, with many National Team’s players. We do not have experienced changes at this time, but a boy born in 89/90 is 20 years old and I believe they are old enough to play at quite good levels».
Absences won’t lead to a module change, anyway: «The team is well organized. They will have to show the same attitude we saw in Milano. We are facing a fast team, a team that recuperated in Championship, beating the first in ranking. It will be a tough match that we’ll try to win because we want to go on in the Cup».
Finally a though on Amauri, having a difficult moment, according to the journalists: «He had some physical problems, but he is working, despite all difficulties, to help Juve. This is more important than goals he can score. I never judge a player by his goals, ma but by his attitude in being available and in this particular moment, considering his behavior it’s like Amauri scored 20 goals».