Juventus Will Have Scudetti Restored; Inter Will Have Title Stripped Based On Naples Trial Evidence – Luciano Moggi’s Legal Advisor Nicola Penta

Posted on 02/11/2010


Juventus have a good chance of having revoked Scudetti handed back based on Calciopoli trial in Naples, claims Luciano Moggi’s legal advisor.

Juventus have a good chance of having their Calciopoli-revoked Scudetti restored, and Inter have every chance of losing the one that was handed to them based on the 2006 sports trial, claims Luciano Moggi’s legal counsel.

Nicola Penta, a lawyer and Calciopoli expert who has been advising Moggi in the criminal process in Naples, strongly believes the evidence that has emerged at the trial gives Moggi a strong case of walking free and being aquitted from Calciopoli, and Juventus an opportunity to have their revoked titles restored.

Those who have been following the trial in Naples will have seen Moggi and his legal team provide crucial evidence, which was not available in 2006, showing clubs including Inter had contact with referees and designators – thus throwing out the allegations that Moggi had exclusive dealings with key figures.

Based on that mountain of evidence, which includes over 171,000 wiretaps, a fundamental reassesment of the whole Calciopoli process is unfolding, Juventus have launched their own appeal to have the titles restored, and the FIGC are launching an investigation into their requests.

Penta was asked by Radio Power Station what could be expected from the trial when it reaches its conclusion in the spring based on how the process has developed thus far in Naples.

“If there is a total acquittal of Moggi then there will be the possibility for the defendants to ask for the revocation of the 2006 sports trial and this is very important because article 39 states that in the presence of new facts and the acquittal of referees and directors, then the 2006 sports trial could be re-opened. In that case Juventus can ask for the restoration of titles because it is no longer an automatic fact,” said Penta.

“We have to be optimistic for the restoration of the Scudetti. The parameters with which Juventus had their titles stripped are the same with which Inter were handed theirs, therefore I hope justice takes its course.

“Will Inter have their title stripped? Yes, I believe so. This will be the first thing.

“Those who have been following the trial in Naples know that all the witness statements have been relevant because they have disclaimed the accusations [against Moggi and other defendants].”

Inter president Massimo Moratti was expected to be called in by Moggi’s defence team as a witness, but they have decided against it.

Penta explained: “Moratti at the trial? Wasting time with certain people has no sense because things that were supposed to be explained have been explained and things that needed to be understood have been too.”

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