Holiday On Ice visits Juventus

Posted on 02/11/2010


Today at the end of the training session, Alessandro Del Piero and Giorgio Chiellini lived an unexpected and pleasant off-plan. As a matter of fact, the two Juventus champions have met four of Tropicana’s protagonists, the show that Holiday On Ice, the world leader troupe for on-ice shows, is staging in Torino these days. 

Darya Perminova, Anna Madorsky, Denys Petrov and Alona Kokhanevych, four of Holiday On Ice’s amazing skaters, watched this morning Juventus training session, and at the end of it, they exchanged their show’s T-shirts with the ones wore by Alex and Giorgio.

There have been photos and autographs and the invitation for the two champions to watch one of the shows that, after the success in Milan, the troupe will stage at PalaTorino from the 5th to the 7th of November.