Back the Bianconeri

Posted on 31/10/2010


Serie A needs a strong Juventus to help the league as a whole and Dave Taylor feels everyone should hope they can maintain their recent upswing

Except for the blips against Salzburg and Bologna, the Old Lady showed her rivals that she is definitely back at the ball by beating Milan at San Siro. Of course there is still a lot of hard work ahead for the Bianconeri, but recent results have been highly promising: the draw away to Manchester City, the draw with champions Inter, the 4-0 hammering of Lecce and the 2-1 defeat of their rivals on Saturday all point to progress.
Of course it’s difficult for fans of other Italian clubs to receive this news as warmly as perhaps they should, but the re-awakening of Juve should benefit Serie A as a whole. Although it has also been great to see Inter win the Champions League and hurl Serie A back into the spotlight, the domestic scene has been a trifle predictable over the last few years.
This season with Juve beginning to challenge once again, things are starting to look up for Serie A. Inter need a spirited Bianconeri snapping at their heels to keep them motivated and at the moment, along with the only other creditable challenger Milan, it makes the league more viable.
Of course there is more to it. With Juventus looking to regain her former grandeur, in turn that means she will also be more likely to recapture her old status on the European front. And at the moment she needs to reclaim it as soon as possible. Currently Serie A is in fourth spot in the UEFA co-efficient ranking, a system that works on results in the Champions League and Europa League games over the last five seasons, and is a good 7,000 points behind Germany.
All of which means the Bundesliga will get four Champions League spots next season while Serie A, will receive just three. This only goes to show the lack of entrants into the final rounds of both cups by Italian clubs of late and is sad to see, especially as Serie A was undoubtedly the top league in the late 80s and 90s in Europe.
Unless the situation changes and Juve, who are Italy’s biggest and most successful outfit, get firmly back on track and start winning things home and abroad, it may even stay like this.
However, with Coach Gigi Del Neri in charge and a team that is becoming leaner and younger it seems they at last have a tactician who can inspire the players to bigger and better things, which can only help Serie A in the long run. So let’s have a hurrah for Juve, whoever you support.

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