Juve reign at the San Siro!

Posted on 30/10/2010


Del Neri fielded the usual 4-4-2 formation but Chiellini suffered an injury during warm-up and had to be replaced by Legrottaglie just before kick-off. The attacking duo was formed by Del Piero and Quagliarella.

The initial minutes of the match immediately show it is going to be a very intense one. On the 1st minute, Robinho enters the area after receiving from Ibrahimovic but Storari controls. Three minutes later, there is a free-kick for Juve after a Gattuso handsball: Del Piero puts the ball into the area, Martinez deviates but Abbiati manages to save.

Aquilani recovers a good ball stopping Ibrahimovic on the 6th minute and one minute later Ibrahimovic hits the cross-bar with a curling shot. 

On the 9th minute, there is a corner for Milan after another Ibrahimovic shot is saved by Storari: Pirlo puts the ball into the area by Sokratis heads well high over the bar. Two minutes later, there is a great bit of action by Melo who runs off, enters the area and shoots but Abbiati manages to save. 

The 15th minute sees a corner for Milan but Bonucci clears. Two minutes later, there is a free-kick for Juve: Del Piero puts the ball into the area, the defence clears but Aquilani puts the ball again towards Del Piero who’s shot is saved by the keeper. 

A Gattuso shot is saved well by Storari on the 21st minute while 1 minute later Martinez crosses towards Quagliarella who heads high over the bar: nice bit of action which began from Del Piero. 

On the 23rd minute De Ceglie crosses towards Quagliarella who heads perfectly and sends the ball into the top corner with a helpless Abbiati for the 1-0.

Four minutes later, there is a free-kick for MIlan: Pirlo’s attempt is slightly deviated and goes just wide for a corner. From the flag the Juve defence manages to clear. 

It is the 29th minute when Del Piero goes past a number of players to enter the area and shoot with Abbiati forced to save into corner. From the flag the ball is cleared by the Milan defence. One minute later there is some great work by Martinez who goes past Bonera and Gattuso but his shot is slightly deviated by Nesta and saved by Abbiati.

On the 37th minute, a violent shot by Boateng goes wide. One minute later, Quagliarella grounded after a great show by the striker on the right flank. 

Pepe comes on for an injured De Ceglie on the 40th minute. Two minutes later, a Boateng header goes high over the bar. 

The 43rd minute sees Del Piero putting a ball into the area, Abbiati does not manage to save well but after a series of attempts the last of which by Martinez, Nesta manages to clear.

The referee awards 3 minutes of stoppage time. On the 47th minute, Ibrahimovic tries a header but Abbaiti saves easily and one minute later a shot by the Swedish striker goes high over the bar. The first half ends with Juve leading by 1-0 thanks to a great goal by Quagliarella. 

The two teams come back on the field determined to make their point. On the second minute, Motta crosses towards Del Piero who is caught off-side. Two minutes later, Marchisio with a beautiful move takes the ball from Milan possession. 

On the 5th minute, Ibrahimovic stops a ball in the Juve area but Felipe Melo heads away with great tact. Five minutes later, Sissoko comes on for an injured Martinez. 

It is the 13th minute when Bonucci stops Pato as he tries to enter the area and once again Bonucci stops a Pato attempt 3 minutes later. 

The 20th minute sees Sissoko who tries a one on one on Abbiati and when his first attempt fails passes to Del Piero who scores for the 2-0. 

Three minutes later, a Robinho shot goes just wide while on the 26th minute, Storari performs a good save on a Pato attempt. Two minutes later there is a one-two between Marchisio and Quagliarella but the final pass is a bit too long and goes out. 

On the 31st minute, a low shot by Quagliarella goes inches wide. One minute later, there is a corner for Milan. Ibra heads towards Sokratis whose attempt goes high over the bar. Bonucci clears a Robinho cross towards Inzaghi on the 35th minute.

Ibrahimovic makes it 1-2 one minute later and on the 40th minute Amauri comes on for Del Piero. 

It is the 41st minute when a Seedorf shot goes wide. One minute later, Inzaghi heads high over the bar. Ibrahimovic tries an overhead kick which bounces off Inzaghi and is saved by Storari on the 45th minute.

The referee indicates 5 minutes of stoppage time. On the third of these, there is a free-kick for Juve: Aquilani’s attempt is punched away by Abbiati. Storari cradles a Seedorf attempt, one minute later.

The match ends with Juve achieving a great victory against Milan at the San Siro and an injection of faith as well as a confirmation of the great progress shown. 

Serie A 2010/11, 9th match day
Stadio San Siro, Milan
Saturday 30th October 2010


Goals: Quagliarella (23rd), Del Piero (65th), Ibrahimovic (81st). 

MILAN: Abbiati; Bonera (Abate 34th), Nesta, Papastatopoulos, Antonini; Gattuso, Pirlo, Boateng; Robinho; Pato (Inzaghi 75th), Ibrahimovic. Reserves: Amelia, Montelongo, Abate, Yepes, Seedorf, Flamini, Inzaghi. Coach: Allegri. 

JUVENTUS: Storari; Motta, Bonucci, Legrottaglie, De Ceglie (Pepe 40th); Martinez (Sissoko 55th), Felipe Melo, Aquilani, Marchisio; Del Piero (Amauri 85th), Quagliarella. Reserves: Costantino, Legrottaglie, Sorensen, Sissoko, Pepe, Giannetti, Amauri. Coach: Del Neri. 

REFEREE: Rocchi from Florence

Yellow Cards: Melo (35th), Boateng (38th), Pirlo (45th+1), Pepe (51st)

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