Del Neri hails Juve work rate

Posted on 30/10/2010


Gigi Del Neri hailed the work-rate and sacrifice of Juventus, leaving the door open for a Scudetto challenge.

“The squad works hard, so when they are called upon, the results are there on the field,” he said of the 2-1 victory away to Milan.

It was a particularly impressive game considering Milos Krasic was suspended and the long injury list was expanded this evening by Giorgio Chiellini, Paolo De Ceglie and Jorge Martinez.

“Of course I am satisfied with our performance. As I always say, Juventus doesn’t depend on one player, but on Juventus. We suffered at times, but fought hard on every ball and that is the mentality we need this season.

“The side has an approach where it knows how to sacrifice itself and struggle at times, working hard even with people like Alessandro Del Piero. Weekend after weekend, we are earning ourselves an important slot in this campaign.

“This Juventus proved it has nine lives and there will be tough moments, but the spirit is that of Juve. That’s what I wanted to see.”

Last week Del Neri said the title was not something for the Bianconeri to be concerned with, but has that now changed?

“We can certainly be protagonists. As for the Scudetto… we said before this game that there are no limits to what we are doing and we’ll see where we end up in May. I think the image of the current Juve is one that sets weekly objectives, not long-term, as that is the way to find success.

“We played as a compact team, the defence showed courage and is right now more confident than before. The strikers show great quality, but also worked very hard today and for example helped to mark Andrea Pirlo out of the game.”

“Everything went well today. The behaviour of the players on both sides, the referee and the assistants. My compliments to the officials, as they too did a great job.”

Juve have shown a tendency to struggle against smaller clubs who sit back and won’t allow their counter-attacking tactics.

“Lately we have improved in that, as this is our seventh game unbeaten between Serie A and the Europa League. We have respect for every opponent, whoever they are and wherever they are from, as they will always give their all against Juve. Let us keep on working hard and not rest on our laurels.”

Naturally the former Sampdoria boss was asked about reports Antonio Cassano will move to Juventus.

“I don’t know what’s going on with Antonio, but I prefer to talk about my own players. I am sure he’ll remain a Sampdoria player in future, as he is a fantastic player and the city loves him so much.”

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