With or without Krasic, Juve is always Juve

Posted on 27/10/2010


By Salvatore Trovato | Milannews.it

Woe to underestimate this Juve: who does it is lost. The Old Lady will come to the Meazza with the wounded pride of those who have lost along the way, his best talent: the Serbian Krasic, stopped by a referee (unless future surprises) after the episode of Bologna. Little reflection on the theme of the day, the “hunt” for the simulator: without blaming anybody, it’s time to stop with some pantomime of bad taste. The people, in fact, is tired of these attitudes by “scoundrels in the neighborhood”.

The risk is that seriously affect the credibility of a football season after season, it gets worse with age. This sport has many more (serious) problems to think about, and perhaps the players (of any club and country) would do better to lend a hand, rather than worsen the situation, perhaps starting from these small / big gestures. Returning to Juventus, the shield is always the same, although the technical depth – no use denying it – is no longer that of a time. Amauri Iquinta also fail, but there will, however, players of the caliber of Quagliarella, Del Piero, Chiellini, Aquilani and companionship. In short, skilled people, samples navigated, who know the tricks of the trade: I think I have won in front of a historic rival, which has always sold dearly in Milan, is crazy stuff, not that naive to have ever lived the excitement, the prestige and pressure of a big match like this. 

Humility, then, but also sacrifice and commitment: Allegri’s Milan will have to prove on the field, his thirst for victory, the will to continue, after Naples, on this track, which finally allowed the team to take off, even between one thousand sufferings. It ‘s true: the Rossoneri at the San Paolo, who suffered a lot, despite the double advantage and superior numbers, but the attitude was the right one, as well as tactical planning: confirm (almost) to block the eleven on Monday Therefore, it would certainly be good and right thing, perhaps with a more in Thiago Silva, instead of Sokratis greek. Background: Former Genoa has certainly forfeited and Flaunt some criticism in the newspapers this morning, were somewhat ungenerous, because – I defy anyone to say otherwise – an opponent like Pocho Lavezzi is certainly an awkward customer, with its speed, legs and thought, out of the ordinary. 

But the Brazilian Thiago Silva is another thing and, if it recovered, the place alongside Nesta’s rightfully yours. Well the midfield, with a higher dose of stroke, breath and muscles, the positive connection, with the only slightly jarring to Pato, “thank you” to his strange game in the match. Upsetting people and form, therefore, just against Juve, would not be a good idea, though, of course, you will have to deal with tiredness and various ailments. The imperative, however, is to keep our feet firmly on the ground, avoiding the easy enthusiasm: one match at a time, one opponent at a time, with class, head, personality and above all, a lot of modesty, starting from Saturday . But Milan careful, because even without Krasic, Juventus, Juventus has always …

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