Pietro Anastasi: "The absence of Krasic is a bad blow for Juve"

Posted on 27/10/2010


Pietro Anastasi. Here it is in this exclusive interview to sussidiario.net

Anastasi, Krasic banned for two matches for this fact of Bologna – Juventus. I’m not a bit ‘too much?
The regulation should always be applied, whether it’s Krasic, that of another player. Of course, two days are too much. Maybe the penalty is a po’esagerata, Serbian, inter alia, it seems a very quiet boy …

Some say that the much talk about this story depends on the color of the shirt Krasic …
This is true. If that had happened to a media player on a team would not have so emphasized this episode, the legacy of the old Juve win all that has created some dislike. However, more successful and unpleasant, and nice to losers.

His absence will be felt against Milan …
He will be missed very much. He became the reference point of all offensive actions bainconere, a key player in the game for this team.

What should Del Neri do for this game?
Reinvent the entire set of the Juventus tactician.

Krasic the new Nedved, as some argue?
If this goes on of course. You can emulate the deeds of the Czech player.

And also to win the Ballon d’Or?
Winning is not know, but I think he definitely compete is still considerable room for improvement.

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