Marotta: "Transfer Market? The Big Part Has Been Done"

Posted on 27/10/2010


On the day of his appointment as a director, Giuseppe Marotta speaks during a press conference two themes. “There was a renewal of the summer team and the definition of a model that should be brought forward in this league – said relatively demand on the market in January – will follow closely this window market, but the bulk has been done. Until next summer we will not make large investments, but lavoraremo fantasy. ” 

Then there is the issue Krasic: “The lawyer has filed a complaint Briamonte Juventus – Marotta said – which will be debated tomorrow and Friday. We believe that the behavior of the player is unsportsmanlike and the complaint will focus on this. This rule is very unfair because, as he said Platini, or you rely entirely on a man and his errors, or technology in the total sense, since with all those cameras in the field could take everything that’s wrong is done in ninety minutes and not only the simulation, which can also make room for different interpretations “


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