Agnelli: «An important day»

Posted on 27/10/2010


«The team of the club’s management is now complete» President Andrea Agnelli, at the end of the board meeting which was held at the LIngotto in Turin after the shareholders meeting, commented about the nomination of four new members in the board of management: «Today was an important day because it saw the appointment of Marotta on the board, making him an administrator of the club in all effects with operational duties with regards to sporting affairs. We established an executive committee that sees me as president and which also includes the two souls of the club that is Blanc and Marotta, besides the Exor representatives Sant’ Alabano and Mazzia and the new board member Michele Briamonte who is currently carrying out a great job even in the Lega. I am particularly happy of the appointment of Pavel Nedved, because besides representing an important part of the history of Juventus, he holds the sport values which we want to transmit to the team. Nedved will have special duties within a sports and commercial context».

Asked by the journalists with regards to a possible revision of the industrial plan in December, the president stated: «It is perhaps incorrect for a football club to speak of an industrial plan but in any case we want to revise it. We will make  anew one, renovating the programme for three and five years of the club». 

With regards to the possible request to return the scudetti Agnelli insisted that: «this will depend on the court proceedings which were opened in Naples. If at the end of these the correctness of the club will be shown during the years taken into consideration, then we will be able to move. With regards to the statement made to the Federation, I have the feeling that the dialogue with Rome is a continuous one and that things are moving within a relationship of reciprocated esteem between the clubs and the institutions». 

The subject shifted once again to the team’s moment: «I am satisfied – underlined Agnelli. I think a very diligent work has been within the dressing rooms and from July up to now a new air can be sensed, that of a group and a team that is starting to get to know its potential».     Finally a thought about the match against Milan:« It si a match which as always holds a certain amount of fascination and that stimulates the actors on the field and those off it but there are 38 matches and they are all worth 3 points and therefore they all to be considered as scudetto matches».   
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