Moggi’s Legal Team Present More Evidence & Renounce Statements From Inter Chief Massimo Moratti

Posted on 26/10/2010


Luciano Moggi’s legal team have renounced evidence from Inter chief Massimo Moratti as trial resumes.

The Calciopoli trial at the tribunal of Naples resumed on Tuesday, but there was no statement from Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The former Juventus and Inter striker was expected to give evidence, but was excused with the Rossoneri justifying his absence by claiming he is following a specific training session at Milanello.

Once proceedings started, the big news came from Luciano Moggi’s defence team.

They have decided they no longer want to hear evidence from Inter president Massimo Moratti, and Marco Tronchetti Provera.

Instead, they have plans to use evidence in relation to a separate case in which they stand accused of spying in the Telecom spy scandal.

Moggi’s Lawyer Maurilio Prioreschi confirmed his position in relation to Moratti and Inter.

“We renounce every statement. We prefer to deposit the sentence on the Telecom spy scandal which also damaged Moggi,” the court heard.

“There are transcripts emerging relative to all the games that have come under question.

“I want to underline though that I find unexplainable that there are no transcripts whatsoever in relation to the games that came under investigation. And for this reason we renounce the statements. But there is a chance of inserting new calls that emerge on a daily basis.”

Next up was Mauro Bergonzi, a referee at the time of Calciopoli. He made it clear there was never any pressure on the officials to favour one or another team – following the line of most officials who have all claimed there was never any upheaval.

“I never received any pressure or threats from anyone to referee in favour of or against teams,” Bergonzi told the court.

“There was never any pressure in terms of booking people or to break the play when someone was in an advantage.”

A linesman from Juventus’ game at Parma in January 2005 answered questions in relation to Massimo De Santis’ refereeing of the encounter.

De Santis was accused of favouring Juventus. But the linesman expressed his ideas as he reflected on the game and key decisions.

“I remember the match. Juventus protested for a penalty that was not given to them following a hand ball on an [Alessandro] Del Piero header.

“The game ended in a draw, but I cannot criticise De Santis for not giving the penalty to Juventus.”

De Santis’ lawyer then asked the linesman about a controversial clash between Inter and Juventus.

He claimed to have made errors against Juventus which favoured Inter, but they were mistakes, nothing more.

“De Santis refereed an excellent game against Inter. The Nerazzurri won 1-0. I remember it well,” he told the court.

“I made a mistake and disallowed a David Trezeguet goal. I realised after that it was a mistake. It was a mistake and that’s it though, but De Santis did not criticise it.”

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