Juventus prepares recourse

Posted on 26/10/2010


Following the decision by the sport authorities to suspend Milos Krasic for two days, Juventus is already working by means of its lawyers Michele Briamonte and Luigi Chiappero to present an urgent recourse to the competent authorities. Such a recourse will be deposited tomorrow within the foreseen terms. 

This morning, while entering the Lega headquarters, Andrea Agnelli spoke of the incident. Read the declarations of the President. 

At the end of the Lega meeting, even Giuseppe Marotta spoke of the suspension saying: «the decision of the judge is an inadequate one». «Krasic absolutely did not want to commit any infringement to the regulations – continued Marotta – and lesser still carry out an non-sportsman action. If I had to speak as a football manager I would say that the norm must be reviewed. If I had to speak as a director of Juventus I would repeat that I think that the sanction imposed by the sporting authorities is not a congruent one».

«We will present a recourse immediately and we will show – confirmed Marotta – that the player did not commit any infringement and it will be up to our lawyers to show this. When one speaks of simulation the definition is very wide. Surely, Krasic’s behaviour was not intended to mislead the referee who was well placed just like the assistant and the fourth official. It certainly wasn’t a penalty but to say that Krasic simulated is a long way off because whoever played football knows that generally certain players, for example Krasic, are more prone to falling»
Source: Juventus.com

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