Marotta: «Krasic is a good lad. He did not want to simulate»

Posted on 24/10/2010


The post-match comments of Bologna-Juventus were very much built around the incident which could have broken the deadlock: the penalty awarded the bianconeri on the 35th minute for Krasic fall in the area, which was later missed by Iaquinta. 

Judging the episode was also Giuseppe Marotta: «Milos is a good lad and suffers many fouls during each match. Instinctively he tried to avoid contact with Portanova and fell. There was no contact as can be seen from the images. I don’t think it is right to speak of cheating and there should not be any TV evidence. After the incident the lad was under shock and did not offer the usual performance and it is also due to this that we did not manage to win. We score very little? Up to a few weeks ago we were told that we were conceding too many goals and now that we are not scoring. Unfortunately Amauri and Iaquinta are not in their top form and this is effecting us too».
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