Bologna-Juventus: Juve REALLY Need A Bomber!

Posted on 24/10/2010


Following a disappointing draw in Austria on Thursday night in the Europa League, Juve travelled direct to Bologna for this week 8 clash. Coach Delneri rang the changes & restored most of the line-up that had been going so well in the league before today in an attempt to settle the side for next weeks huge game with Milan.
Emiliano Viviano was the best Bologna player on show today by far, but Albin Ekdal put on an impressive display. A shame central midfield is the last place Juve need more cover! Another draw, but one proving beyond all doubt the need for a striker capable of taking that single half chance that presents itself in games like this.
Cinque Chiavi
  1. Another very good defensive display, all four men at the back having good games, once Marco Motta overcame some early game nerves that saw him collect a deserved yellow card.
  2. That unit was well protected by another good performance from Felipe Melo & Alberto Aquilani. The pair filtered out numerous Bologna attacks & launched many for Juve. Melo’s passing was deadly accurate today & his cross-field passing was exceptional.
  3. While Claudio Marchisio played quite well today – & will be needed on the wing against Milan – the use of one winger & one mezzala* is destroying any cohesion, counter attacks or balance the midfield needs in order to thrive.
  4. Without a focal point Delneri’s system falls apart completely. Without going deep into the systems movements much of them (in possession at least) seem dictated by the position of the front striker. Amauri at least provides this.
  5. Milos Krasic took a dive on to win the penalty & may face punishment for it. Wether or not that affected his game is immaterial. He failed to shine today & Juve’s recent dependence on him showed clearly.
Le pagelle: Storari 6, Motta 5.5, Bonucci 6.5, Chiellini 6.5, PDC 7, Krasic 5.5, Melo 7.5, Aquilani 7, Marchisio 6.5, Quagliarella 4.5, Amauri sv  Subs: VI 6, Del Piero 6, Martinez 6
*Mezzala: A player deployed on the wing who doesn’t really belong there, often a striker or central midfielder shifted out wide
Source: Il Tifosi