Aquilani: «Results will convince us»

Posted on 22/10/2010


Alberto Aquilani is urging to go. The midfielder could only watch his team mates against Salzburg on TV, but now he is ready to take back the Juventus game into his hands starting from Sunday against Bologna, a match from which Alberto and all at Juve want points and satisfaction: «We are a new team made up of many players who joined this Summer but the project is being born and the basis to do well exist. It is obvious, however that time and results are needed to give us self-esteem and convince ourselves. Therefore, we must try to find consistency from this point of view».   

It only took Aquilani a few matches to become one of the leaders in midfield: «I came her to do well and make a comeback but I try to fly low and I don’t like hearing that I am determinant. Many are and above all it is the unity and the compactness of the team that are determinant». 

Another player, who like Alberto is doing really well is Milos Krasic: «To say the truth I didn’t think he was so good. I knew he was good but not that he was devastating. We will hold on tight to him, hoping he will last for as long as possible». 

Milos was determinant even against Salzburg, a match which created more difficulties for Juventus then expected: «It is true – continued Aquilani – but in Europe it is harder to play then in Italy. Ours is an important championship but the Champions or the Europa League are more difficult». 

With regards to the objectives of the bianconeri for this season, Alberto did not make predictions: «As I said there are many new players in this team, many of whom are young and it would be wrong to speak of the scudetto. This is the year of departure, during which we must honour the name of Juventus without looking at the table. Honestly, I don’t even know in what position we are…We play one match at a time, trying to stay as high up the table for as long as possible, then in Spring, we will start to weigh things ».
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