Del Neri: «The Europa League is an important experience»

Posted on 20/10/2010


Juventus is preparing to face Salzburg four days after the match against Lecce. The matches follow without a break and a bit of turnover is necessary: «It will not be an ample one because we have a reduced squad – explained Del Neri – Rinaudo, Iaquinta, Aquilani and Quagliarella are at home. We will try to give more room to whom played less, but even if something changes, I think that Del Piero, Sissoko, Motta can be considered as first team players. Krasic? We have Martinez in great condition. I think Milos can take a rest, not because we are snobbing the cup but to recover precious energy. Manninger? He will be in the starting line-up». 

Salzburg is not going through a brilliant moment but they must not be underestimated: «We must respect this team which has valuable players and is very physical in defence. We are obliged to dour best but this is a known fact. No team enters the field without the will to achieve the best result. The priority is playing like Juventus. The obligation towards ourselves is to try and move on in all the competitions in order to keep the tension high and allow the team to show its value. Playing in Europe is an important experience because it allows us to face realities which are different from ours, besides being a great stimulus». 

In the last few matches, Juventus has shown clear signals of improvement: «The intensity and the application fielded by the players allowed the team to improve. We hope it will continue doing so because we have the will and the consciousness of being able to do better».

The forward line will see Del Piero playing alongside Amauri: «He is an important player who must recover on a physical level. He works hard. He is missing the goal but I hope he will soon have this satisfaction. Tomorrow he will play and I hope he does well: adding another name to the list of goal scorers will benefit the team».