Balocco signs the tricolor jersey

Posted on 19/10/2010


Balocco, an historic Piedmont’s company leader in confectionery domain, is the Official Sponsor of Juventus tricolor jersey for current sport season. The partnership has been presented today at Juventus Center in Vinovo, by Jean-Claude Blanc and by Balocco’s CEO, Alberto Balocco. 

«I’m so glad I’m here today – Blanc said – to present this partnership, which can give immediate light to an historic reality of this area. Today a Piedmont excellence and a soccer world’s one are joining together, an excellent which do not forget where it came from, because Juventus was born in Piedmont. This agreement links us to a company with human values and brings “made in Italy” in Europe with such a competitive spirit as ours».

Balocco make their debut in soccer world. «From more than 35 years we use main media and particularly the TV to promote our products – Alberto Balocco explains – During the last years we have had the chance to enter soccer world, but we have always had some doubts about it. Then, at about the end of September, we had close contacts with Juventus and we under stood there was no better debut than Juventus tricolor jersey, to enter a sport world with such an important value. It’s a jersey representing the Italian sense of belonging, which is one of the things we care most about. Juventus reaches millions of supporters all over the world, but Juventus comes from Torino and have the same our values». 

Then, it was Chiellini and Storari turn to do the honors and being the models for the new jerseys, that will make its debut Sunday vs. Bologna: «We are very happy about this new sponsor – Chiellini says – and we’ll try to honor this jersey at best, hoping we’ll celebrate together some goals and some victories». «It’s a very tasty sponsor – Storari smiles – we hope this will bring us luck and get together real satisfactions, starting from next Sunday».
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