Great match by Juve to hand Lecce a poker!

Posted on 17/10/2010


Del Neri fielded the usual 4-4-2 formation, this time with Quagliarella and Amauri as strikers backed by Krasic and Marchisio on the wings and Melo and Aquilani in central midfield.

The bianconeri are immediately very well organized, however, the first attempt came from Lecce on the 2nd minute when Storari saves a long distance shot by Piatti. One minute later, a De Ceglie cross is too long. 

On the 4th minute, Rosati saves a good Krasic attempt. Two minutes later, Marchisio puts a good cross in but the Lecce defence manages to clear and an Olivera shot goes well wide. 

It is the 7th minute when De Ceglie puts a good cross into the area towards Amauri but the defence manages to clear. Four minutes later, Storari saves with excellent timing on an Olivera cross. 

The 13th minute brings joy to Juventus: Aquilani shoots from outside the area beating Rosati for the opener: 1-0. 

The Serbian player is having another great match and on the 19th minute, Krasic passes to Quagliarella who’s shot is deviated and hits the post for a corner: the cross reaches Bonucci who heads wide. 

On the 22nd minute there is a corner for Juventus after a great bit of action by Krasic who’s attempt is saved by the keeper: from the flag the ball is put into the area but the defence manages to clear. 

Storari performs a great save on a Corvia attempt on the 23rd minute and four minutes later there is a corner for Lecce: the Juve defence clears. 

It is the 31st minute when Amauri is anticipated in the nick of time as he is about to receive a cross from De Ceglie, but one minute later Krasic enters the area and is fouled! Juventus are awarded a penalty and Melo from the penalty spot makes it 2-0.

On the 37th minute there is a free-kick for Lecce: Olivera puts the ball into the area but Ferrerio heads high. One minute later, a beautiful launch by Aquilani towards Quagliarella is just slightly too long. 

The 40th minute sees Olivera who lobs wide from outside the area. Seconds later, Quagliarella is caught off-side. 

It is the 43rd minute when Krasic exchanges a ball with Amauri and crosses towards Qualgiarella who heads making it 3-0. Great play by the bianconeri and a great performance by Krasic.

The first half ends after 2 minutes of stoppage time with the bianconeri leading by 3-0. The second half sees Juve continuing from where they left off in the first half and that is having complete control of the match.

On the 4th minute, Storari saves on an Ofere header following a cross by Grossmuller and seconds later Rosati saves as Amauri enters the area after a series of good moves. 

The 6th minute sees some great defending by Bonucci. Krasic continues to put pressure on the Lecce defence from the right. Amauri is stopped for off-side on the 8th minute. Two minutes later, a Vives shot goes high over the bar. 

It is the 13th minute when an Aquilani shots goes wide. Three minutes later, there is a free-kick for Juve: Aquilani puts a ball into the area and Amauri heads just wide. 

On the 18th minute, Aquilani puts a good pass towards Quagliarella who shoots high from in front of the keeper. Sissoko comes on for an excellent Melo on the 19th minute. Two minutes later, Storari saves easily on an Ofere header. 

The 25th minute sees a corner for Lecce: great timing by Storari who holds on to the ball. One minute later, Krasic creates chaos in the Lecce area but Rispoli manages to save. 

It is the 29th minute when Amauri is anticipated by the keeper after receiving a good ball by Krasic. Two minutes later, Pepe comes on for Aquilani who had a great match to say the least while just a few seconds after Del Piero comes on for Quagliarella. 

A Rispoli shot goes just high on the 34th minute while 1 minute later, a great Krasic shot hits the post. 

On the 36th minute, a Del Piero first-timer goes just wide but 1 minute later Del Piero receives a ball from Krasic and with a great shot beats Rispoli for the 4-0. The captain equaled the record up to now held by Giampiero Boniperti of 178 goals in the Serie A. 

The 43rd minute sees a shot by Munari from outside the area being deviated by Corvia and go wide. 

After 3 minutes of stoppage time, the referee blows the final whistle. The bianconeri continue to show their worth with another excellent performance, 4 goals and a clean sheet. 

Serie A 2010/11 – 7th match day
Turin, Stadio Olimpico 
Sunday 17th October 2010 


Goals: Aquilani (13th), Melo (34th pen.), Quagliarella (44th), Del Piero (82nd). 

JUVENTUS: Storari, Grygera, Bonucci, Chiellini, De Ceglie, Krasic, Melo (Sissoko 64th), Aquilani (Pepe 76th), Marchisio, Quagliarella (Del Piero 77th), Amauri. Coach: Del Neri. Reserves: Manninger, Motta, Legrottaglie, Martinez, Pepe, Sissoko, Del Piero. 

LECCE: Rosati, Rispoli, Ferrario, Fabiano, Mesbah, Giacomazzi, Jeda (Vives 45th), Grossmuller, Piatti (Munari 55th), Olivera (Ofere 45th), Corvia. Coach: De Canio. Reserves: Benassi, Gustavo, Brivio, Ofere, Munari, Di Michele, Vives. 


Yellow Cards: Mesbah (17th), Olivera (25th), Fabiano (45th), Ferrario (60th), Grossmuller (92nd)

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