Del Neri: «There has been a general improvement»

Posted on 17/10/2010


At the end of the match won against Lecce, Luigi Del Neri spoke on Sky about the match: «There has been a general improvement. The lads are giving their best. The atmosphere is serene and there is a great will to do well». 

Asked to comment about Felipe Melo, one of the best players on the field, the coach answered: «If he was transformed since last year? In my opinion he was already like this. There are years when things don’t go well and all seem to have rather bad performances. I knew he had these qualities» He was even made to notice the excellent performance by Krasic: «He fit the mechanisms and we help him express himself as best he can. He is very aggressive when it comes to one on one and with the ball at his feet. If he can become a leader? He is an important part of the team, he has excellent characteristics but there are many leaders in the team. We try to put him in the right condition to do well and he is doing important things, not only for himself but also for his mates». .
Juventus, at the moment, is the team with most scorers (9) and since Aquilani entered, Krasic exploded. With regards to these two considerations, Del Neri said: «The first shows that the quality of the Juve players are not to be doubted and Aquilani is within this context. I knew him as a youngster and he has matured from a tactics point of view. Together with his, there was an important improvement by all the players». 

After much praise, a small negative is with regards to the Lecce attempt in the dying minutes by Corvia and on which Storari was forced to perform a great save: «We must not forget that Lecce was coming from a draw in Palermo and a victory at home against Catania. Conceding one occasion is normal. We would be exaggerated and presumptious if we though we could play a match without committing any mistakes, however we will work on this chance conceded».
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