Del Neri: «Every match is decisive»

Posted on 16/10/2010


«Aquilani will be playing». This is the only concession made by Mr. Del Neri with regards to the curiosity of the journalists, who, during the press conference, tried to understand what formation the coach will be fielding against Lecce. Some think that he will be fielding the same formation he fielded at the San Siro against Inter, with Marchisio on the left: «It may be a solution because it gives more freedom to De Ceglie, however we need a played in front that can attack the spaces with speed and therefore seeing him in that position also depends on who will be playing in attack». With regards to this, he was asked about Amauri’s conditions:  «I think he still has problems when it comes to running. We have the duty to try and recover the players fully and in the attack we have elements that offer ample guarantee. We will only decide how to enter the field after the last session. We must verify the conditions of all the players and field who is in better shape». 

More then technical choices, the attitude will count more: «In Manchester and at the San Siro, the team played with two different formations and it gave an excellent rendition. This must make us conscious of the fact that we are on the right track. The right mode is also found through the right physical condition. The squad is large and I can be assured of whoever goes on to the field. We will be playing against Lecce who in the last two matches drew against Palermo and beat Catania and therefore it will be tough, but if the mentality is the same as that seen in the last two matches we can achieve good results». 

Juve is called to a series of important matches for its future and the match against Lecce could be decisive to start the series in the best of manners: «Every match is decisive. The match against Lecce will be so and then the one against Salzburg and after that the one against Bologna. Every time we must show we deserve the name of Juventus. We must not face a series of matches but one match at a time». 

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