Platini ‘shocked,’ but checks dropped?

Posted on 13/10/2010


UEFA President Michel Platini was “shocked” by incidents in Genoa, but authorities reveal why there were no checks on fans before entering the stadium.

“When I got back from Amsterdam, I saw the footage of Italy-Serbia and was shocked,” Platini told L’Equipe.

“I have too many ugly memories tied to violence in the world of football. I await the results and decisions of the disciplinary body and remind everyone that UEFA have a zero tolerance policy to violence in stadiums.”

Serbian hooligans were intent on ruining the match and stopping it from going ahead, but many have asked how they took so many weapons, bolt-cutters and flares into the Stadio Luigi Ferraris.

“Entrance into the stadium was a critical moment for various reasons,” explained Roberto Masucci, spokesman for the government taskforce on sport-related security.

“The checks were dropped in favour of letting the Serbian fans into the stadium, therefore avoiding further damage around the city of Genoa.

“There had already been rioting in the streets and the stadium is in an unfortunate position, right in the centre of the city, so we were unable to set aside a filter zone to check each person individually.

“One must also consider the criminal determination these fans had in seeing through their pre-meditated plan.”