Krasic ‘upset and bitter’ in Genoa

Posted on 13/10/2010


Juventus winger Milos Krasic was “very upset and bitter” at the actions of Serbian hooligans, said his agent.

Krasic and former Fiorentina man Zdravko Kuzmanovic were on the field when the Euro 2012 tie was abandoned due to crowd trouble.

“I spoke to Krasic and Kuzmanovic. They play abroad and don’t know most of those fans too well,” explained agent Marko Naletic.

“They were upset, disappointed and bitter. They wanted to play this great game with so many champions on the pitch and were really hurt by this situation.

“I was not afraid for myself, but I did fear for the people in the stands. From the start I got the feeling this game would not have gone ahead as planned. You could feel it in the air.”

The trouble had started much earlier in the day with running battles in the streets of Genoa and the team bus attacked, resulting in an injury when goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic had a firework thrown at him.

The goalkeeper was found hiding in Italy’s dressing room before the game, as he was afraid of further attacks.

“There is a great deal of antagonism between Red Star and Partizan Belgrade. He played for both teams, so the fans are angry with him, but there really is no reason behind their behaviour.

“We should also ask how all those fireworks and weapons got into the stadium.”

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