Serie A Presidents At Odds With Italian Footballers Association Over Strike Action

Posted on 10/09/2010


The AIC (Italian Footballers’ Association) has put itself at odds with Serie A presidents who have reacted furiously to the planned strike in three weeks.

The AIC announced today that players will go on strike in week five in protest at the Lega Serie A’s new proposals over a collective contract agreement which could change the way players are transferred and paid when moving clubs.

AIC president Sergio Campana has defended the strike action, claiming the players have professional and moral grounds, but a number of Serie A club chiefs have a different view as they mount a hot-footed charge.

“I have never seen such a direct and universal stance in terms of position,” Campana said.

“We are talking about transfers which players cannot refuse and players that could risk being kicked out of the squad.

“Then there is the question related to medical grounds. According to the new proposed rules, clubs can force a player to see their own medical team. If they player chooses to see others then he has to pay his own costs.”

Genoa president Enrico Preziosi was quick to declare his position and he slammed the players for trying to put clubs into a straitjacket.

“It’s the usual attempt of force which I disagree with,” Preziosi said.

“Before making such a drastic decision, both parties should have agreed. It’s not right like this and I don’t understand the decision. The collective agreement has not been approved.”

Fiorentina’s Sandro Mencucci was on a similar wavelength as his tone resonated with the rest.

“It’s absurd. Things are still being discussed at the FIGC, and a strike should have happened when there was no agreement between the parties. It’s intimadatory tactics, but the Lega will go forward with its ideas,” said the Viola’s interim president.


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