Quagliarella: ‘Juve are glorious’

Posted on 10/09/2010


Fabio Quagliarella says he joined Juventus because you get the chance to wear “the most glorious shirt that exist.”

The 27-year-old striker made a shock move from Napoli last month to realise what he calls a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Speaking to the Sky Italia, Quagliarella said: “I was at home in Naples and I am now at home in Turin. It’s a city that I already knew well. 

“I have come to a great club, the most glorious that exists. It’s something I’m proud of. 

“Wearing this shirt, the most glorious shirt, that has won so much, is never easy because who wears it next is forced to win and do well. 

“It’s an important responsibility, but we are professionals and we try to do our best. 

“I already knew Marotta from my time at Samp and I have always had a great relationship with him and this influenced my decision a lot. 

“He knew me as a player and as a man and this has made him focus on me,” he concluded. 

Source: Football-Italia

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