Trezegol, a Juventus legend

Posted on 28/08/2010


«For Juventus… number 17 scores…David…Trezeguet!». Almost a manifesto of these last ten years. Words screamed in any stadia and in any language all over the world, for 171 times. Because as many have been the goals Trezeguet scored in his 320 presences: a monstrous average, more than a goal each two matches. This would be enough to explain how deep is the sign David left in Juventus history, but it would have been ungenerous reducing all the emotions he gave us to a mere statistics. King David, the Cobra, Trezegol, these are his nicknames. «When he plays Trezeguet always scores», this is the choir the supporters sung for him, summarizing better than any speech the essence of his way of playing soccer: give him the “right” ball and he will transform it into a goal. By any means: by head, right, left, acrobatically, raiding … a huge repertory, which took him to be the most prolific foreign scorer in Juventus history. World Champion with France in ’98, he arrived at Juventus in 2000, during the summer that definitively consecrated him at International level, after the golden goal scored vs. Italy in the European Championship final. But it takes a little for the Italian supporters to forgive him, at least for Juventus supporters: during his first season, although he sometime started from the bench, he scores 15 goals in 32 matches and gains the confidence of the Club, which decides to bet on him for the future. A very apt choice, that David immediately compensate, becoming top scorer with 24 goals (ex aequo with Dario Hubner), in the following championship, crowned by the Shield conquered during the last match, coming back on Inter, on the 5th of May 2002. It’s the first of the four Italian Championships he won with Juventus, in addition to two Italian Super Cups and a Serie B Championship. Yes, because David, in 2006, accepts to play in a lower Championship with Juventus, to take it back to the levels Juventus deserves, obviously by his goals. Right at the very end of that season, like it already happened in the past, it seems that his Torino experience is going to end, but it’s just a moment. His marriage with Juventus has still a lot to give and David stays in bianconero for three years more. In 2007/08 he is vice top scorer in Serie A, with 20 goals, behind Del Piero, then, the injuries cut down his presences, but not his scoring average. With a French passport, but with Argentinean origins, David has always spoken a universal language, the goals’ one, which is everything to him. You can see it by that smile that appears on his face every time he scores, while his eyes looks for mom Beatriz in the gallery, dropping confetti on the stands. Now he will look for her in other stadia, but in the one Juventus is building, the start bringing his name is already ready, because Trezeguet deserves to be among Juventus greatest players of all times. And so merci David, gracias, buena suerte, bonne chance… Juventus will always be part of your history, and you are already part of Juventus legend.
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