Juve strike twice in Dublin!

Posted on 30/07/2010


Del Neri fielded his classical 4-4-2 formation with Diego and Amauri as attacking duo. The bianconeri are immediately determined and well placed on the field showing great movement and precise passing.

Del Neri’s team did not take long to show their quality and on the 3rd minute Amauri receives a good ball and puts it past the keeper and into the net for the opener: 1-0. Two minutes later there is a great tackle by Lanzafame to clear a dangerous ball into corner.

On the 7th minute Juve with a number of attempts see the ball finally being cleared. Four minutes later there is a corner for Juventus: ball put into the area but cleared by the defence.

The 14th minute sees a free-kick for Juve after a foul on Motta. Diego puts the ball into the area but Pepe’s header goes wide. Three minutes later, Diego enters the area with a beautiful move but does not manage to conclude well and the ball goes wide. De Ceglie protects the ball well avoiding a corner on the 20th minute.

Two minutes later, there was a corner for Juve: Diego puts the ball into the area but the keeper makes it his. On the 24th minute, there is a corner for Juve: ball into the area cleared by the defence. Three minutes later, there is a ball into the Juve area cleared well by Chiellini.

The 29th minute sees a low ball by Lanzafame into the area cleared by the defence. One minute later, there is a great exchange by Diego with Amauri and Lanzafame’s attempt deviated into corner: from the flag the ball is saved by the keeper. On the 33rd minute there is a great ball by Lanzafame into the area with Pepe heading just wide

On the 37th minute, Amauri just misses impact with the ball after a good cross into the area by Diego. Three minutes later, there is a free-kick for Juve: Diego puts a precise ball into the area but it is a bit too strong for Pepe to head well and the ball goes wide.

The 41st minute sees a great move by Diego who enters the area putting a great ball towards Pepe who is anticipated at the crucial moment. Three minutes later, there is a corner for Shamrock: ball into the area put once again into corner by the defence. The second time the ball is cleared by the Juve defence.

The referee awards 1 minute of stoppage time and a Marchisio attempt from outside the area goes wide before the end of the first half.

The second half sees an aggressive Shamrock at the start. On the second minute, there is a ball into the Juve area by Stewart but Storari makes it his. The Juve midfield is under some pressure.

On the 5th minute, Amauri enters the area and with a brilliant series of moves finally manages to cross but the defence clears. Martinez comes on for Lanzafame one minute later.

Seconds later, Stewart puts a dangerous cross into the Juve area and a Murray header grazes the post and goes wide. On the 11th minute, a Turner ball goes high over the bar. Four minutes later there is a great run and conclusion by Amauri which hits the far post and bounces away. Unlucky!

The 16th minute sees a corner for Juve: the ball reaches Pepe outside the area who’s shot goes wide. Free-kick for Juve after a rather bad foul on Diego three minutes later: the Brazilian puts the ball on the far post but the defence deviates into corner: the ball reaches Bonucci who heads wide.

The 21st minute sees Juve forced to a number of difficult interventions especially on Stewart. Two minutes later, a Diego shot is deviated by the defence. Corner for Juve on the 25th minute: ball cleared a first time and then the referee stops Juve for a foul in attack as the ball is once again put into the area by Pepe.

On the 27th minute Amauri again with a great run puts a good pass towards Marchisio who enters the area but does not hit the ball well and it goes wide. Diego is grounded in the area but the referee signals to play on one minute later.

Juve make it 2 on the 29th minute when Motta puts an excellent cross into the area and Amauri with a great header sends the ball into the back of the net: 2-0.

The 32nd minute sees a Bayly shot go just high over the bar. Del Piero comes on for Diego 3 minutes later. A great long distance missile by Amauri goes just wide on the 38th minute. Brilliant attempt!

On the 40th minute, Pepe dribbles well in the area giving a good ball to Del Piero who’s shot goes inches wide. One minute later there is a corner for Shamrock: ball cleared by the defence and one minute later a Stewart attempt is saved well by Storari.

Ekdal comes on for Marchisio on the 44th minute. On the 2nd of the 3 minutes of stoppage time conceded, a Del Piero cross into the area is judged as being beyond the line by the referee. The last minute of the match sees a free-kick for Shamrock: action stopped for foul in attack.

The bianconeri bring home a 2-0 win victory and have a leg in the next round thanks especially to a brilliant Amauri and great determination and effort by the whole team.

Europa League Preliminaries – Third Round 1st Leg
Dublin, Tallaght Stadium
29th July 2010


Goals: Amauri (3rd), Amauri (75th).

SHAMROCK ROVERS: Mannus; Sives, Murray, Price, Stevens; Bayly (Bradley 93rd), Turner, Rice (Dennehy 66th), Chambers (Kavanagh 77th); Twigg, Stewart. Reserves: Jennings, Flynn, Dennehy, Murphy, Kavanagh, Bradley, O’Connor. Coach: O’Neill.

JUVENTUS: Storari; Motta, Bonucci, Chiellini, De Ceglie; Pepe, Sissoko, Marchisio (Ekdal 89th), Lanzafame (Martinez 51st); Diego (Del Piero 82nd), Amauri. Reserves: Manninger, Grygera, Ferrero, Ekdal, Martinez, Trezeguet, Del Piero. Coach: Del Neri.

REFEREE: Borbalan (Spain).

Yellow Cards: Pepe (42nd), Bayly (64th), Marchisio (69th)

Source : Juventus.com

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