Primavera, Bucaro’s era starts

Posted on 27/07/2010


While the First Team is completing their retreat, also the second phase in Varese after the one in Pinzolo, Primavera starts today its adventure.

After a week training at Vinovo, the group left this morning for Chiusa Pesio retreat. At new trainer Giovanni Bucaro and his staff’s orders (read his statements), a numerous group moved. And it’s not yet complete, considering that two players (goalkeeper Costantino and defender Ferrero) are with Del Neri.

A renewed group, part of which are some boys from last year, some former Berretti and some former Allievi Nazionali, besides the new acquisitions of this summer. Here it is the list of aggregated boys.

Goalkeepers: Bonassi, Gagliardini, Montrucchio, Sclopis;

Defenders: Carfora, Crivello, Esposito, Garcia, Garrone, Romano, Rubin, Silvestri;

Midfielders: Belcastro, Boniperti, Buchel, Corticchia, De Silvestro, Enrico, Giandonato, Ilari, Liviero, Margiotta, Montesi, Padelli, Ruggiero, Schiavone, Spinazzola;

Forwards: Bianconi, Carta, Giannetti, Libertazzi.

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