Manninger :"Very Good Defense"

Posted on 27/07/2010


Training restart after a day at rest, saw Alexander Manninger back on the pitch, as he had to stop during summer camp at Pinzolo for a little pain at his calf. The Austrian goalkeeper, at Juventus Channel microphones, confirm his improvements: “I worked in the gym with athletic trainers and, considering that I feel good, I went on the pitch to find the ball again. Ready for Dublin? I don’t know, I will listen to my body and I’ll let the Trainer decide, but I think that Thursday it will be too early to play a match after a ten days stop”. Alex followed his mates on the TV, playing vs. Lyon and he was positively impressed, most of all by defensive solidity: “I liked the team, tidy, precise and with a very compact defense. Soccer starts from rear guard and seeing it so solid it’s a pleasure that gives you confidence”. Source :

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