DD: ‘I was wrong to leave Juve’

Posted on 26/07/2010


Marseille boss Didier Deschamps has once again said that he was wrong to resign from Juventus in 2007.

Deschamps had earned promotion to Serie A, but left with two games of the season remaining after falling out with the board.

“I don’t deny that I miss your country,” he said. “I was happy there both as a player and as a Coach.

“Perhaps one day, [I’ll return], who knows.

“I regret resigning two games before the end with Serie A already in our pockets. But now I’m happy at Marseille.”

When asked if the return of an Agnelli will be enough for Juventus to get back to their glory years, Deschamps said: “The reconstruction will not be easy. They are missing many pieces that need to be put in place both on and off the pitch.

“Getting Juve back in Serie A from Serie B was not so simple. But ambition is not enough to be protagonists in Serie A, you need ideas.

“I think Inter are still in pole even without Mourinho even if it’s tough for Benitez to start from the treble. But he already has a Ferrari in his hands, a 500 even.

“I hope Juve do it, though, as a former player and as a fan,” he concluded.

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